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About Us

Our company, was born as a result of a devastating event my husband and I have suffered -- a miscarriage of our first pregnancy. As we were grieving, we looked for ways in which we could remember our little girl -- the one we never got to keep. We wanted a small keepsake that would always be with us, reminding us of her.

So we started looking into jewelry options and found several footprint pendants. Some were stamped using the exact image of a footprint but were, however, a bit pricey. Others were more affordable, but only used a "generic" footprint. Even so, we were left with no footprints. All we had left of our little girl was a 3D ultrasound image.

We then realized that none of the solutions we've found would answer our desire to somehow incorporate the ultrasound image of our angel into a keepsake. 

Not being satisfied with any of the options in front of us and not about to give up, my husband and I decided to do some research. After a few false starts and several trials and errors, we were finally successful; we were able to create a pendant for a necklace using our sonogram image. Overjoyed with our success with our first keepsake, we started to come up with several other ideas, and thought how great it would be if we could share these wonderful ideas with the rest of the world, and allow others out there to do what we were able to do and bring them the same joy we were able to feel.

Since we've started our company, we were thankfully able to bring this same joy we've felt with our custom jewelry to many others around the world, people who perhaps went through similar devastating events as we've gone through, and others who just wanted to be creative and who were finally able to design their very own jewelry. So why don’t you get creative, design your own jewelry and bring joy to someone you truly love,  here at


PO BOX: 656595