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Nicole Mejia //


I was amazed with the amount of detail the picture on my pendant had. It is a wonderful thing that Jewelry U Design can take your special moments and add it to a piece of jewelry so you can carry it around with you all the time. 

The Steady Hand

I love my necklace from you! It lets me keep my husband close even though he is far at basic training! And I was having such a hard time finding someone to fit my daughters name and my husbands name on one piece!

Ashley Meadows

I received my necklace today, thanks so much i love it!!

Anabel Polanco

I absolutely my new necklace!!!!

Sara Howell

Thank you so much for my beautiful necklace! I'm in love,I don't think I'll ever take out off!

Amanda Klingler

Love my new charm

Trisha Mastroianni Teti

Thank you so much for my peice! It means the world to me. I couldnt imagan a better way to keep my babys with me at all time! I will be getting lots more! I cant say it enough thank you I love it its perfect!

Savannah EllieAnn Platt

LOVE my lil baby's footprint!! Thank you JEWELRYuDESIGN!!!! Great work! Xo

JenAdamjaden Katz

Just got my necklace!! I couldn't be an happier with it!! Now my little guys tootsies are forever around my neck!!  thank you so much!!!

Kimberly Thompson Bucy

I'm so InLove!! I just received my precious necklace of my sweet baby girl "Gracie's" tiny feet! She was born on February 9th 2013, she wasn't due until June 9th 2013. She had HLHS and her tiny heart was too weak to be with us here on earth. She is with our wonderful and Gracious God! I have struggled with the loss of her so much.......Ashley Gurley sent me this site several weeks ago and I knew it was perfect for me! Now I have her with me every single day! It means so much to me to have something like this to hold and have with me.

Teresa Roberts-Baccoli


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